Project and Property Appraisals & Valuations

  • Property Valuation of Hotels, Resorts, Leisure Projects
  • Business Valuation and Appraisal of Hotels, Resorts, Leisure Properties
  • Property Valuation of Residential Real Estate Complexes
  • Acquisition and Disposals Advisory
  • JV Structuring Advisory

Feasibility and Economic Evaluation Consultancy

  • Market and Feasibilty Studies for New Hotels, Resorts, Leisure Projects
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Best Land-use Studies, Including Master Planning and Zoning Studies
  • Development Strategy Advisory for Corporations
  • Development Strategy Advisory for Regional or National Authorities
  • Market and Marketing Research for Tourism Sector
  • Market and Marketing Research for Residential Real Estate Sector

Concept Development and Project Definitions

    Concept Development
  • Development and Definition of the Project's Best Use and Vision
  • Development of the Physical Concept
  • Creation of General Masterplan Concept
  • Study of Preliminary General Massing Concepts
  • Economical Concept (Revenue Programming), Product and Sub-product Definitions, Business Modeling
  • Sales and Marketing Concept
  • Definition of Market Positioning
  • Definition of Communication Concept with The Target Cliental
  • Product Differentiation Proposition
    Project Definitions
  • Architectural, Technical, Landscaping and Interior Design Guidelines and Specifications
  • Space Program and Flow Charts
  • Technical Equipment Performance Criteria
  • Audit and Integration of Brand / Operator Specific Design Criteria

Design Management and Design Development Coordination

  • Coordination of the Selection and Contracting Process of Designers and Technical Advisors (Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Consultants, Mechanical Consultants, Landscape Designers,etc.)
  • Direction and Coordination of Designers and Technical Groups with an Operational and Sales & Marketing Perspective, During Design Development Phase
  • Audit and Integration of Brand / Operator Specific Design Criteria with an Operational and Cost Control Perspective

Project Development Coordination

  • Guidance and Direction of
    • Architectural
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Interior Design
    • Landscaping
    • Infrastructure
  • Design Groups for the conformity of their designs with the concept, feasibility, target clientele, end user profiles and management models during design process.
  • Preparation of Fixture, Furniture & Equipment (FF&E) Lists
  • Determination of FF&E Specifications and Provision of Technical Support in Material Selection

Sourcing Partnership

  • Preparation of Financial Joint Venture (JV) Presentation Package
  • Searching for Possible JV Partners and Coordinating Negotiations
  • Technical Support in Establishment of Agreements, Negotiations and Discussions

Brand and Management Integration

  • Searching for Possible Brand and/or Management, Tenant, Management or Partner Management for Projects
  • Supervision and Coordination of the Brand or Management on Behalf of the Owner / ‘Developer’ Acting as the “Owners’ Representation”
  • Technical Support in Establishment of Agreements, Negotiations and Discussions

Sales and Marketing Advisory

  • Establishment of Sales and Marketing Concepts
  • Determination of Market Positioning Vision
  • Preparation of Sales and Marketing Plans, Procedures and Budgets
  • Establishment, Training, Orientation and Management of Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Determination of Price / Package Systems
  • Preparation of Briefs Related to Outsourced Services (Agencies, PR Companies, etc.)
  • Selection of Alliances, Associations and Electronic Media

Asset Management

    Overall Ensuring a Healthy, Sustainable Operability of the Management and Boarding Contracts while Optimizing Asset Values
  • Safeguarding Asset Value
  • Management of Re-Investment / ROI Projects
  • Assistance in Budget Negotiations
  • Sales and Marketing Plan and Strategy Assistance

Development of White Label Management Structures

    The constitution and execution of operational plans in direction of the management concept, which is not suitable for outsourcing
  • Recruitment and Training of Key Management Personnel
  • Preparation of Work Principles and Management Procedures
  • Preparation of Operation Systems (Establishment of Management Budgets, Work Plans, Purchasing, Accounting, Stock Control Systems)
  • Establishment of Sales and Marketing System, Brand Management
  • Supervision and Coordination of the Opening
  • 'On-going' Supervision of the Operation
  • White Label Management
    Management of hotels under international franchise brand standards or, by creating a brand specificly for the project.